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Jacob Pringiers_photo courtesy of Jacob Pringiers

Jacob Pringiers of A+ Furniture and More

aplusUSE THIS Twice bench for Desalto

Pringiers’ popular Twice bench for Desalto

Picture 001

Combinations of the Baia sofa for BRF


Baia seating system for BRF Colours, still available from CaspriniUSE THIS 23 Scarab for Wellcraft MarinePringiers designed this 23-foot blood orange Scarab
Picture 090 Flow kitchen hood for Elica


Milan Preview | Jacob Pringiers

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Jacob Pringiers
Designer, A+ Furniture and More

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Brands: A+, Desalto, Durlet, Elica, Riva, WMF, Auerhahn, etc.
Products: Furniture, lighting, housewares, yachts

It’s safe to say Jacob Pringiers is a man of the world. The Belgium-born designer spent most of his childhood in Sri Lanka, where his A+ Furniture and More studio is headquartered today, and studied design in Milan, Switzerland, and the United States. He launched his product design career in the mid-’90s in Milan, but not before a stint in Florida designing boats—serious boats, like the 23-foot blood orange Scarab piloted by John Travolta in the action flick Face/Off. His Salone debut, the Twice bench for Desalto in 2002, was (and still is) a huge success.

DB: Milan, the city, was your home for quite a while. How did that enhance your relationship with Milan, the event?
Jacob Pringiers: Since I started my design studies in 1989 in Milan I was immediately submersed in the Salone del Mobile and what happens around it. Ever since I have not missed one year, which means I have been to 22 editions. Whoa, I am not an up-and-coming designer anymore, I guess! 

Milan, furniture, design, and fashion all go hand in hand, and the week of the Salone has become less about only furniture and more about a truly cultural event where creatives from all over the world and from different backgrounds come to provoke and present their views on creativity.

DB: Does the city feel different when ‘the circus is in town,’ so to speak?
JP: The whole city participates in the Salone. It has become less about the fairgrounds and the purely commercial side, but more about a global experience, living in a city for a few days where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all linked by design. Whether it is young designers tucked away in a rundown industrial building on the outskirts of the city, or highly polished presentations of established creatives in La Triennale exhibition center, the Salone gives you a 360-degree view that is amazing. There is something there for everyone and while we discover new brands and talents, the city every time reinvents itself, exploring new areas and locations as platforms for this event.

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