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Mini Munich

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

By John Dugan

Barcelona, Spain
Designer: Dear Design - Ignaci Llauradó, Eric Dufourd
Design Team: Claudia Raurell, Christian Leibenger, Antoine Coubronne
Photos: Xavi Mañosa

The children's brand wing of a Barcelona's footwear company, MiniMunich, opened this Barcelona outpost this year. It might sleek and modern, but the concept appeals to children's imaginations; the design transports shoppers to different worlds. "Windows" all around the store show synchronized images of space exploration and marine life, allowing viewers to feel like they are drifting through a new world. The spaceship-like, clean, white design makes the shoes appear to float along the walls and creates a blank slate onto which the young shoppers project their imaginations. 

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