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Images courtesy of Stockholm Design Lab







Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

By Aryn Beitz

Did you know that Ikea is Sweden's largest exporter of meatballs? While the retail giant is best known for its affordable, some-assembly-required furniture, it has recently taken on the culinary world with The Ikea Swedish Food Market.

Since 2004, Stockholm Design Lab has been working on Ikea Food, a project that includes over 200 unique products.  According to SDL, Ikea Food products should express three key ideals: reliability, quality and of course, Swedishness. These values shine through in the line's clean, colorful, and contemporary packaging that looks--for lack of a better phrase--totally Ikea. So, the next time you find your stomach growling while cruising the blue and yellow box for that perfect Malm dresser, remember to check out the in-house Food line. It'll have you saying, "Meatballs, anyone?"