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Murals Made Modern

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Text by Chloe Stachowiak

Murals have inhabited public and private walls for centuries— but, thanks to Murals Your Way and its customizable line of wall art, the age-old craft has finally joined the 21st Century. Created in 2004, the company specializes in large-scale prints that, with more than 850,000 designs to choose from and seemingly endless personalization optioned, id breathing modernity into the mural.

“Remember the pre-printed Hawaiian sunset murals from the ‘70s? Those murals were produced by Environmental Graphics, which our owner— Ted Yoch—is still a part of,” says Jackie Just, director of marketing for Murals Your Way. “He knows the murals industry well and in 2004 realized that homeowners and businesses were looking for more personal, customized wall art.”

For the past decade, the company has been printing murals on canvas and vibrant vinyl, which are hung like wallpaper or via the DIY-friendly SmartStick, which can be easily adhered and removed. The hardest part? Selecting a mural from so many options. “Choose one that evokes something personal. A photo from the beach where you honeymooned that lets you unwind and rejuvenate. Or a vintage map of your favorite city.”

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