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Grande Papilio by Naoto Fukasawa

Bunch by Naoto Fukasawa

Awa by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

For Naoto Fukasawa, good design doesn’t always happen with the first draft. “When you try to draw a circle, you draw it many times. At first it’s not perfect, so you do it many times. My imagination of the products [I design] is like that—it’s not perfect,” says the Japanese designer.

Good design means not leaving traces of the designer and not overworking the design.

His contemporary, industrial design products are created with the specific purpose of improving upon everyday life. Of the Piccola Papilio chair, he says it “holds you like a teddy bear and makes it very quiet,” and on his single slot toaster he says, “If you’re eating or cooking just for yourself, I love it. It’s a suggestion—[simple] life is better for you.”

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