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Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Nooka designer Matthew Waldman continues on his mission to redefine time telling with his 2010 collection of candy colored Zub timepieces. The original concept behind these linear-inspired styles came after he reevaluated the way time had traditionally been read while waiting for a client in a London Hotel. “I questioned why there were only two ways to represent time,” he says of traditional analog and conventional digital style watches.

Waldman, who says he learned to tell time in the first grade, recalled that the concept was hard for many children since it operates on a base of 12 (or 24), whereas everything else in math is calculated by 10. “I sketched some ideas on a napkin, went back to New York and showed them to my lawyer, who thought I could get design patent protection. There were some other steps, and then—a watch!”

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