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One Ring to Color Them All

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It’s a typical problem: you’re on the go, and you find yourself faced with mountains of paper waiting to be colored, but you have nothing to color with. Fear no more, Brooklyn-based designer Tim Liles has transformed a familiar grade-school tool into jewelry.

Liles' crayon rings provide a clever fashion statement as well as an instant cure for boredom. “They seem to hit a nostalgic and happy spot for so many different types of people, and that makes me happy,” Liles says. Packaged in sets of eight, the rings were conceived as a solution to the theme of "color" for a show sponsored by the American Design Club. And now, they're sold all over the world in museums, galleries, and boutiques. 

We're hoping for a brass-knuckle version in the near future (rainbow-c0lored, of course), so that we can get down to some serious, no-nonsense coloring sessions.

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