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Paradise Found

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The Pacific coast was a literal ocean of inspiration for Hatch Design Group when it created the colorful interiors for the Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront hotel. Contrasting white stone and dark wood, bright artwork, and other beachy textures and tones drove the design, Hatch’s Ryoko Nasu says. 

“The client was looking for interiors displaying a modern interpretation of the coastal location smoothly blended with the arts and crafts exterior of the building,” Nasu says. “By utilizing bold colors, influences from the neighboring ocean, and beautiful contrasts in stone and wood, we were able to create an up- scale, modern-coastal hotel.” 

In the hotel’s restaurant and bar Chandler’s (named for owner Bill Canepa’s partner), the firm’s aesthetic shines through in an entry wall and outdoor fireplace clad in white-stacked stone, natural wood tones for the floors and millwork, and sleek walnut furniture backed in wicker on the patio. Rustic, handcrafted glass pendant lamps hang from the ceiling. Suspended over the bar, a dramatic wood-stained trellis accents the space’s lighting. Elsewhere, bright accents and artwork continue the beachfront feel.

Says Nasu: “The design paid tribute to the clean and airy feeling of the ocean breeze, harmoniously colliding with the exotic brightness that is seen in the coral reefs.” 

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