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PHOTO: Lincoln Barbour


PHOTOS: Lincoln Barbour/Courtesy of Parliament

Parliament office-a-delic

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

By John Dugan

The handsome, open, modern-meets-vintage office for Portland creative agency Parliament is like the techy hunting lodge, dude Shangri-La of our dreams. Housed in an historic cereal meal, Parliament's digs were designed by Chris Erickson, the agency's principal and creative director, built with reclaimed lumber from century-old barns and churches, and outfitted with old-fashioned crates and signage. All the interior wood is finished with beeswax. Carpenter Kyle Sharp spent six months making Erickson's vision a reality. 

Parliament (major client, Microsoft) is clearly an inspiring place to do the nine-to-five—and the agency boasts a tight-knit bunch that dine communally and go on monthly field trips together. As agency writer Jeremy Spencer tells us, "We work normal hours and are well taken care of with all kinds of perks. And the work is better for it. It's really a model for the enlightened 21st-century agency."

As inviting as this manly studio is—the billard room haunts our daydreams—the agency is not long for it. "Sadly, we'll be vacating this space this summer. Business is great, and we've already outgrown the studio," Spencer tells us. "We're trading roughly 4,000 square feet for 20,000-plus. The new space will be even better than this one." Better meaning with a barn wood skate ramp in it, right?

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