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Plain Air Purifier

Plain Air Purifier

Hallie says:

This is so much nicer than my awkward tower…

Plain Air Purifier

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Patrick Norguet’s Plain Air purifier combines cutting-edge air purification technology with high-end design style. The wall-mounted unit filters air as it passes through its “central mouth,” purifying the air while consuming little energy. Commissioned by clean air product and technology companies TLV, Alhstrom and Philips, Norguet designed Plain Air with both the hospital and the home in mind. “The hospital is a highly technological environment and can be dehumanizing,” says Norguet. “There is a need to introduce softness and more poetry because the environment is so serious.” Combined with its smart technology, Plain Air’s elegant design aesthetic improves the environment where it’s placed  through both its function and its form.

Plain Air purifier, price upon request


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