Bellila Volcan plant table

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The Plantable Table

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

By Justin Ray

We often find ourselves sitting in front of the tube—perhaps, say, waiting for a certain Super Bowl game to start—wishing we could add some fresh lime juice to our mojitos without having to leave the couch. Voilà! French design studio Bellila has integrated botany and furniture with a table that features a built-in planter for people who want to have plants in their abodes but have no space. The Volcan table adds some nature into your dwelling without being too disruptive. It contains a bowl that can hold plants like olive trees, lemon trees, and fig trees, also available through Bellila. The ceramic dish holding plants is removable and easy to wash. If you aren't a fan of plants, you could also use the space for a fish pond. But why not get friendlier with ecology?

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