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“Play” House by Aboday

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Realizing that an excess of exposed concrete and large glass panels could easily venture into bland and uninspired territory, Indonesian architects Aboday injected a bit of whimsy into their design. The house, located near Jakarta, takes its inspiration from the playful 5-year-old resident of the house, and incorporates a spiraling concrete slide into its structure. The slide connects his bedroom to the kitchen, and, in addition to being fun, it looks like an easy way to transport laundry, small furniture, or just about anything else from the second to the first floor.

Architect : AbodayAry Indra, Rafael David, Johansen Yap, Wahid Annasir, Armeyn Ilyas

Structure Consultant : Prijasembada M & E

Consultant : Darwan

Landscape : Hagani Flora

Contractor : Sabar

Photography : Happy Lim Via Dezeen

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