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Pothole Warning System

Kevin Gormal says:

Well done my man. Simplicity making a difference.

Ann Miklovic says:

What a great idea! Saving tires and frustration! Makes so much sense! Genius!

Good idea. I had a flat tyre Monday night from a pothole in a tiny rural lane near the city of Canterbury, Kent UK. The next evening at my French class, another student (in a class of 8) said she had a smashed tyre at the same pothole on Saturday. We live maybe 20 miles apart. It seemed a powerful coincidence, bringing the whole subject to my attention even more forcefully than the c. £90 repair bill. I was very fortunate my husband could come out and find me, and change the wheel for me. In theory I could have done this myself but in practice it would have been very difficult – very stiff task in a narrow, pitch-black, dangerous place. Passing motorists are not necessarily willing to stop and help, nor would I necessarily welcome them. Anything which helps or encourages the authorities to identify and repair these dangerous hazards swiftly is to be welcomed. So, thank you.


Simplicity and Creativity Combined. Bravo!

Steve says:

What happens when someone swerves into another lane to avoid a pothole, causing an accident? I wonder if this sign could further extend liability to public works.

ingenious. awesome idea, awesome execution. well done

Rachel Duch says:

Fantastic idea. This should be implemented ASAP, especially during winter when potholes can’t be fixed anyway. Why wouldn’t the city want it’s motorists warned of a potential hazard ahead? It seems this should have been an issue addressed long ago.

Kudos Mr. Walden on being a problem solver.

Steve Martin says:

such a great concept, even better to see the idea beyond the paper and on the way to application! i certainly imagine the general concept will take off in many communities across the country.

lisa babb says:

this is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” projects. Perfect for every city and yes we need it right now

Joe Hinton says:

This seems like a great idea to me. Everyone has horror-stories of what the winter can do to our cars via potholes and displaced chunks of asphalt. Rather than going into a potential road hazard without warning, these signs at least prepare motorists to dodge the issue.

Additionally, anything that brings additional attention to the DOTs out there that road repairs are noticed is a positive.

Pothole Warning System

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Here’s a simple idea that will potentially save Americans millions of dollars. Designed by Daniel Walden for his MFA graphic design thesis at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Pothole Warning System is a set of signs that indicate a particularly hazardous oncoming pothole for motorists. It all began when Walden started posting hand-stenciled “tire and crossbones” signs in the middle of the night — a sort of rudimentary precursor to the polished system he would later create.

Of course, while the ultimate goal is to fix all potholes immediately, Walden’s signage addresses the reality, which is that some take longer than others to fix — making the PWS a necessary temporary advisory system. When the pothole is fixed, the sign can simply be moved to the next sunken danger in the road.

As proof of concept, Walden also set up a website that allows citizens of Springfield, IL to submit pictures and tag locations of potholes in their community. Though it functions on a small scale now, Walden has received a great deal of interest in the crowd-sourcing project. In addition, the Illinois Department of Transportation has expressed interest in researching the PWS for future use.


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