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Abe's Penny 3.3

Abe's Penny 3.3

Abe's Penny 3.3

Abe’s Penny, May 2011, featuring music from Alina Simone and photography from Spencer Tunick

Abe’s Penny, June 2011


What an incredible idea! Postcards are so much cheaper than printing books or magazines; the founders of Abe’s Penny are quite clever, especially since these postcards will still be valuable as collectibles long after distribution.

Publishing Through Postcards

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

We all wish we had a friend traveling the world, having amazing experiences, and sending postcards all along the way. Well, for $48 for a six-month subscription, sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel, founders of micro magazine Abe's Penny, will send you a postcard each week that features collaborations between multi-disciplinary creatives.

Since March of 2009, the Brooklyn-based postcard publishers have been disseminating snail-mail storytelling for kids and adults alike. (It's called Abe's Peanut for the little ones.) Each postcard unfolds a part of a story, one week at a time. The idea might seem ephemeral in comparison to a traditional magazine at first, but the cards end up being perfect collectible art pieces.

The May 3.3 issue of Abe's Penny features New York-based rock/folk singer Alina Simone, who wrote a song entitled "Lost" (MP3) to accompany a series of images by photographer Spencer Tunick. We received each part of this issue, and the anticipation alone is worth the cost of the subscription. Plus, the novelty of knowing that our mail carrier was handling semi-racy photos in broad daylight made it that much better. Following its release, Abe's Penny posted the song on its website and held a party at End of Century in NYC’s Lower East Side with both artists showcasing their works. See photos from the event here.

This month, subscribers to Abe’s Penny will be receiving photographs by Cara Phillips, complemented by four poems from Chicago-based writer Dave Landsberger. One of the poems, "Odeasaurus," is rumored to be an unoffical homage to Shel Silverstein.

So, take a moment out of your usual blog-roll obsessing, and get back into physical mail and delayed gratification. You'd be surprised how fun it is.

For more information about Abe’s Penny, visit

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