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All images courtesy of Dor Keenan

“R”ace of Diamonds

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Remember those old Matchbox cars that you used to race around floors, tables, and other people’s legs? Well, Israeli industrial designer Dor Keenan has revived our childhood nostalgia with his Racing Cards.

The cars, a crazy mishmash of one part toy car and one part playing card, actually move thanks to their pullback winding mechanisms. And the vast array of playing card designs make them look pretty sporty, too. The secret to Keenan's manufacturing process? “I used vacuuforming on playing cards, using them as top and bottom components with the wheels mounted inside, axle and all,” the designer says.

Was it necessary for Keenan to reinvent the Matchbox wheels (har har)? Probably not. But a cool kid-era throwback? Absolutely so. Get one and go play. Just remember: zooming noises and tire burnout sounds not included.


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