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Alexander Girard by Todd Oldham & Kiera Coffee © 2011

Remembering Sandro

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

First thing first: it's massive — a whopping 15 pounds and 672 pages. Considering the subject's 50-plus-year output, though, it's no surprise. 

Alexander Girard, the new book from designer Todd Oldham and writer Kiera Coffee, covers the career of the much-admired, insanely prolific designer/architect. There's page after page of interiors, textiles, packaging, drawings, furniture, typography, and architecture. It helped that Girard was somewhat of a hoarder; in making the book, Oldham and Coffee were able to draw from his extensive personal collection of clippings and sketches.

Highlights include Girard's influential textile designs for Herman Miller, his personal folk-art collection, and a recap of his work on Braniff Airways. 

Get it now from Ammo for a cool $200.

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