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A Rogue Museum Sets Roots

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Images courtesy of Alex Ha 

While they’ve previously only made their presence known through pop-ups and rail cars, the Chicago Design Museum is determined to make an impact on the design community at large this year.

The physical location, which will house exhibitions and the museum’s growing archives, will be opening this June, but the team of founders, volunteers, and board members wasted no time in getting started on their mission. Since being conceived in 2012, they’ve hosted events including a pop-up held in a century old manufacturing warehouse, followed by an utterly unique mobile gallery, set up on a six-car, Chicago Transit Authority elevated train.

The ultimate goal? To be a no-limits hub for the local, national and international design community. With a plan that includes a premiere exhibition later this year, receptions in conjunction with Chicago Design Week and events powered by their dedicated volunteers, the Chicago Design Museum will add another facet of cutting edge culture to the Windy City.

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