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Rooms With A View

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

On the outskirts of Port Hope, Ontario, a deep ditch, originally created for a now- long-abandoned railway, slices into the landscape. Running parallel, a natural cliff overlooks Lake Ontario, creating a dramatic site that demanded an equally dramatic structure. 

The parcel could have posed a problem for architects Luc Bouliane and Stephen Teeple, but the team found inspiration in the unique setting instead. “The cut [in the landscape] meant that lake views are obscured from ground level on the property, which inspired the rising form of the building,” Teeple, of Teeple Architects, says. “The home’s living spaces are lifted above the cut toward the lake while concrete walls reach back into the land, anchoring the house to its site,” adds Teeple. 

With expansive clerestory windows and an orientation perpendicular to the lake to maximize views, the house’s design responds to the rural Canadian environ- ment while still standing out architectur- ally from the more traditional home styles of nearby Port Hope. 

“The project is very much a striking sculptural form placed in a raw natural set- ting,” Teeple says. “The house grows out of the land, twists toward the sun. As it twists, the building form spreads apart, creating expansive lake views.” 

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