Sailcloth Loungers, Chairs, Poufs

Sail Away

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

By John Dugan

At the end of yachting season, there are perhaps just a few of us asking ourselves, What shall we do with all this worn sailcloth? It turns out that used sailcloth can have another life. Sure, we've seen primitive upcycled sailcloth bags on the renegade craft scene for years and rarely been wowed by their shapes. That makes it all the more surprising that Pamplona's Dvelas has taken sailcloth to another level in inventive and extremely desirable seating applications in its Living Sails series. Models include Trimmer (tube chair), Vaurien (a floating lounger), Barlovento-Sorlavento (lounger/easy chair), Genois (pouf) and Garrucho (hangers made from bronze karabiners). And all seem like perfect fits for that laid-back, modern-leaning beach home, even if you don't know your jib from your aft.

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