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Shwood’s Reality Show

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Portland, Oregon-based Shwood, purveyor of fine, handcrafted wooden eyewear, was recently chosen as Dell's favorite small (25 of fewer employees) all of America. What does that mean, exactly? Well, they'll receive $25,000 worth of Dell products and a $50,000 prepaid Mastercard...but that's not all!

Shwood also gets to star in its own reality show on everyone's favorite channel, YouTube. The six-episode series began October 25 and ran through November 10. Now that it's flush with cash and media exposure, you can watch the company as it balloons to Google levels of wealth and influence.

Reportedly, Shwood will use its prize winnings to improve its laser woodcutting technology, undoubtedly resulting in even more ambitious designs. Did you see its recent collaboration with Pendleton? Crazy. The future is bright for Shwood. Good thing they make sunglasses.

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