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Sinatra Select

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

By John Dugan

When Jack Daniel's comes calling for a new design, designers pick up the phone. When the project is a special edition Frank Sinatra bottle, well, let's just say you want to get this one right.

Cue's newest work is a designer for Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select,"a special edition whiskey crafted to honor Frank Sinatra’s fifty-year friendship with Jack Daniel’s." In case you don't know, Frank loved his Jack Daniel's—even creating a "Jack Daniel's Country Club logo" to adorn a blazer he wore in the 1950s. Now, in a stroke of branding genius, the two American classics are united in an high-end retail item.

This special Sinatra Select vessel is tall, sleek, dressed in black and full of whiskey (a bit like Dean Martin, to be honest). The Sinatra Select whiskey comes in the bespoke bottle—there's also a book in the case that explains the Sinatra/Jack Daniel’s dynamic.

For more Jack Daniel's designers, visit Cue online.

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