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Sketching on the Run

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Over the weekend, while most of us were still sleeping, top-notch illustrator and former Family Five interviewee Christoph Niemann did something pretty remarkable. He not only ran the New York City Marathon but sketched and tweeted along the way.

Clearly the winner in the overall style category, Niemann's drawings-turned-Twitpics ranged from energetic pre-race excitement to exhaustion and banana cravings. His signature tongue-in-cheek style never faltered, however, offering a completely new perspective on an event in which thousands participate in each year. 

You can read all of his tweets from the big race on his Twitter accounts — yes, accounts; he exceed the daily limit on his first, so he opened a new one mid-race — @abstractsunday and @abstractsunday1

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