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VIL2 Lamp

VIL2 assembly

VST Stool/Table

VST Stool/Table assembly

VST Stool/Table and VIC Chair

VT1 Dining Table

VIC Chair assembly

VIIB Double Bench

VIIC Double Chair

VIMB Money Box


Some Assembly Required

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Furniture brand PRAKTRIK offers lines of chairs, tables, shelves, light fixtures, and even money boxes—but with a titillating catch: each part is actually like a piece of an interlocking burr puzzle, some assembly required.

“Only a little bit of imagination and dexterity is required,” says PRAKTRIK’s architect and designer Petar Zaharinov. Take, for example, the VIL2 Lamp. The fixture has six identical pieces, and can apparently be assembled sans tools or an engineering degree. But the pieces only fit when you slide all of them trickily together just so. “This involves certain interactivity and stimulates some intelligence from the user," Zaharinov says. "I find this very important in a time when user-friendly 'plug & play' products prevail."

Not exactly a puzzle genius? No fear. With a broad range of difficulty levels, PRAKTRIK’s clever blend of form, function, and brainteaser can still be appreciated by anyone with just a healthy dose of gumption.


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