Korean architects AND Aggrenad Hotel

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South Korea’s “Octopus” Hotel

Monday, February 18th, 2013

By Justin Ray

Some buildings look like they're from the future. The Aggrenad Hotel in South Korea is a structure notable because of its multiple jutting areas that offer panoramic views. Korean architects AND wanted the building to resemble a hand with rooms pointing out in different directions. 

Although the building appears to hold a lot of space, it holds only five suites and a cafe. In contrast to its eye-catching shape, the intention is to provide guests privacy with its seafront views in a small fishing village. Guest rooms are spread throughout the three-story building with each containing a balcony and small kitchen.

 "We planned the building to be recognized as a single mass as one approaches, yet we wanted the five units to be independent and private," AND's senior researcher Lee, Kyoung Tae said. "The intention has resulted in a building form that reminds you of fingers pointing at the archipelago, or a sea creature like an octopus."

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