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Starck Hates Design

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

By John Dugan

There's a fine line between brutally honesty, insight, idealism and complete hypocrisy and Phillipe Starck treads it here in this interview for la Repubblica D. In the video interview, Starck seems to indicate that he feels silly being involved in making more plastic furniture, which his collaborator Kartell specializes in. Starck says we should become "smaller and smaller," like computers, and by implication, design and make less stuff. "I have no desire to design a new product," he tells us as he indicates he can't imagine spending the time designing a new lamp when there are more pressing issues. "We need new Utopia," he says. Starck's design fatigue seems genuine, but is oddly timed, considering another collaboration, with rocker Lenny Kravitz, debuts this week at Milan to great media interest. While I'm not one to argue that Western consumption couldn't be smarter, I don't think designer chairs are the problem exactly—they're not disposable, for one. I suppose I am chalking the whole thing up to a tendency of great artists to want to bite the hand that feeds. If anything, Starck might be embracing the role of the rebel a bit too hard here. Last we checked, his website was still up and running.

See the video at la Repubblica D. 

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