Summer Dresses in Flight - Design Bureau

Hawfinch - teal


Jaeger - lemon


Dippr Top Stars with Anhinga Skirt- blue

Dippr Top Stars with Anhinga Skirt-blue

Yellowthroat - lemon


Chachalaca- horses


Wagtail - blue


Parula - navy


Needletail - navy


Waterthrush - black




Shoveler - black


Stint - red

Stint- red

Jaeger - navy

Jaeger- navy

Scaup - navy




Summer Dresses in Flight

Friday, June 7th, 2013

By Sara Driscoll

Birds are flying home for the summer, and they can be seen in the city, at the beach, and even in the office. Hayley Gibson’s Birds of North America line offers a collection for spring/summer 2013 that’s full of bright colors, fun prints, and flattering vintage-inspired cuts. Founded in 2007 and available in more than 35 boutiques across Canada and the U.S., Birds of North America is a must-have for an all-purpose wardrobe this summer. 

Natural fibers and comfortable, breathable fabrics are a focus of this season’s collection, with vintage-inspired cotton prints, linen, and viscose comprising the main body of the collection. Patterned blouses and masculine, yet shapely trousers serve as a unique contrast to wear in your workplace this summer, and light, sweet sundresses are sturdy and playful enough to wear to a day of shopping or evening concert.

The unique horse-print dress with a fitted halter top and a loose, yet flattering bodice is airy enough to wear on those ridiculously hot summer days while still achieving a standout status. The blue and white striped dress is both simple and sexy. Paired with a bold necklace or daring heel, this dress can go from day to night with ease. The greens, blues, and corals of this collection are what this summer’s color palette is all about.

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