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Sunday Best

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Salt Lake City can be pretty desolate on Sundays. Just ask Jordan Omohundro, Greg Frehr, and Kevin Jateff, founders of furniture company Project Sunday. While their fellow citizens were keeping the Sabbath holy in church, the trio found themselves rummaging around abandoned buildings in search of forgotten pieces or materials that they could utilize to make furniture. For about a year, they embarked on what they dubbed “Project Sundays” until they decided that it was time to turn their weekly adventures into a career. We caught up with Omohundro to chat about finding inspiration and the perfect wood.

You guys are mostly self-taught. How did you originally find yourselves interested in building furniture?Project Sunday began when we had the opportunity to convert an abandoned warehouse into a livable space. After renovating the interior, we didn’t have enough money to buy furniture for the expansive space. So we started building our own and discovered we were very passionate about the process.

Where do you find inspiration for your projects?
We find ourselves really inspired by modern, clean design. We believe that quality and function are just as important as aesthetic. We also survive by the idea that our pieces will get better with time and wear and that each piece we create will gain character with age while maintaining its sound quality.

How do you decide which type of wood to use for each project, and where do you get it?
After we know what type of budget and aesthetic our clients are looking to achieve, we choose a wood that fits within that criteria and that we feel executes the vision. The clean wood that we use on projects is purchased from a local lumber supplier. We also have a huge stockpile of Kentucky tobacco barn wood, which we use for reclaimed wood requests.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve built?
Thus far, it’s the Stack Bed. We love the design because we originally built it for ourselves but have gotten a lot of orders for it. It’s exciting to build because we can slightly customize each bed to the client’s needs. It’s definitely become our staple piece, and I think a lot of clients gravitate toward it because of the built-in light with a dimmer switch.

What’s your workspace like?
You don’t want to know. We are currently looking for a new space, preferably one that has windows and a heating system. 

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