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Sustainable Dance Floor

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

By Justin Ray

A crowd can build a lot of energy on the dance floor, some might even call a good club atmosphere "electric," but who knew dancers were literally generating electricity? Dutch design group Studio Roosegaarde, along with help from TU Delft Industrieel Ontwerpen, has created the first dancefloor that harvests energy from the movement of the human body. The prototype dance floor at Club Watt in Rotterdam takes kinetic energy from dancing and converts it into electricity, making a colorful light display on the floor.  Also, movement is guaged by colors; the floor becomes more green the more people dance. The floor is made out of recycled PVC and glass, adding to the environmentally friendly spirit.  

Studio Roosegaarde's dancefloor isn't the only green structure in the nightclub. Watt has installed energy-efficient LED lighting instead of spotlights, a rainwater catchment system for their toilets, and waterless urinals that save 1000 cubic meters of water per year. These innovations were out of necessity as the Rotterdam Climate Initiative mandated 50% decrease in CO2 emissions by 2025. 

The club and its dance floor fit the young, eco-conscious population of Rotterdam. The studio hopes to put the energy to other uses throughout the club. And there's talk of more clubs utilizing the same sustainable design. 

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