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interiors_CarouselRussell says the living room was created with the idea that it was carved out of a cube. The walls are finished with a thin wenge wood veneer, similar to a wall covering. The custom-built wenge wood and stone coffee table lights up from its interior to add light from the ground up. The custom-built sofa provides ample seating for entertaining.

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Liotta 09As the saying goes, everyone congregates in the kitchen… but not at the Liotta Residence. Russell designed the sleek, minimalist kitchen with off-white laminate cabinets to be less of a focal point and more of a backdrop for the dining and living areas. An unassuming built-in storage space at the end of the countertop is an ideal space to store small appliances.

Liotta 01The 6,300-square-foot home’s exterior features stucco, ipe wood, aluminum paneling, and a metal roof. The overhang protects the house from midday heat when the sun is at it’s peak. Core Landscape Group in Atlanta made its goal to extend the distinctive aesthetic elements of Dencity’s design seamlessly into the architectural landscape of the residence. “We always enjoy collaborating with Dencity,” says Core co-owner Nick Harrell. “They provide a general design direction and allow us to interpret the exterior how we think it best integrates.”


In the Details | Sustainable, Urban Living

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley

Photos by James Klotz Photography

Atlanta-based architect Bryan Russell says that his work on the Liotta Residence was nearly complete before ever meeting the clients. “There was more of an abstract approach to [the process],” he says. Russell’s firm Dencity designed the 6,300-square-foot home to integrate sustainability without sacrificing aesthetic. “We still wanted the house to be progressive and stunning,” says Russell. Sustainable highlights include a water filtration system that collects water that travels down the roof into a trough where it is cleaned and used for irrigation. The roof’s overhang also provides a bright environment for guests in the courtyard without the heat. Other features include recycled stone and carpeting and energy efficient lighting, which allow the residents to enjoy their home without worrying about its environmental footprint.

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