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Lawrence P. Swist has used noise-lock doors and windows by IAC Acoustics for many of his studio and music room projects. “Our high-design engineered noise control products, systems, and custom solutions are laboratory-developed and field-proven for performance,” says John Searson, IAC Acoustics product sales manager.

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The Man Behind the Music

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

By Kathryn Freeman Rathbone
Photos courtesy of Lawrence P. Swist Designs

Rihanna, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, and Jay-Z: In addition to some serious musical talent and lots of Grammys, these chart-topping superstars have all recorded at Quad Recording Studios in New York City. Some of the legendary studios were recently revamped by commercial and residential recording studio designer Lawrence P. Swist, whose designs have served as the backdrop for countless hit records.

With 30 years of recording studio design experience, Swist has the process down to a science. “You have to consider two technical keys,” he says. “The first is isolation: Are you going to disturb your neighbors, and are they going to interrupt you? You have to design around both of those issues. The second is internal acoustics: How are you going to make sure the music from the recording studio translates sonically to the outside world?”

Complicated sound wave calculations ultimately determine each studio’s ceiling heights, insulation layers, and other design details that satisfy technical requirements. But after that comes the fun part. “That’s where you get to stretch your design chops,” Swist says. “Recording studios are all about creating music, and providing inspiration and a sense of purpose through the design finishes is most important. The vibe of the finishes makes a person’s transformation into an artist happen when they walk through the door.”

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