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Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf

Camille says:

Lovely! One of the most playful and eye-catching designs I’ve seen in a while. But how does it balance with such a thin trunk?

bash says:

you see those tiny circles around the tree branches? thats to nail it to the wall

Tree Bookshelf

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

“A tree becomes a book becomes a tree” — a phrase Seoul-based designer Shawn Soh came up with to describe her Tree Bookshelf, a design she created after recalling a particularly vivid childhood dream: she stuck long sheets of folded paper into branches that then turned into a blooming tree. The customizable bookshelf is made to order, and is perfect for the design-conscious parent or child hoping to grow magical dreams of their own.

Tree Bookshelf, price upon request,


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