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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I know I'm not the only one who had his fashion sense shocked into being by Paul Weller's white jeans in the Style Council, or his colorful Italian loafers, Lonsdale sweatshirts and trim suits in the Jam. Paul Weller, who releases his newest album Sonik Kicks this week, is featured in Mr. Porter (the online magazine/fashion inspiration site) simultaneously. It's no surprise, that Weller, with his greying mod locks, still cuts a figure and wears a line well. Weller still radiates that energy and embrace of stylish rebellion, even as his clothing says I'm a Man. 

Striking a contrasting image, no less gentlemanly, is British architect and photographer John Pawson, who's love for the purity of great modern design (see some of his work in our attached slide show) informs his fashion choices in much the same way as his architecture. His is a serene, contemplative look.  He can pull off bare feet in a photo shoot. He's a Zen garden personified.

Both English, both modern, both masters of style, neither a slave to current trends, really and two completely different styles. Maybe a touch of grey on a man is nothing to worry about after all?

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