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Heart Breaker

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Twelve Ways to Leave Your Lover

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Images courtesy of artist Sebastian Errazuriz 

Idiosyncratic lovers have inspired countless paintings, love songs, and statues throughout history. Even the Taj Mahal was built to honor a lover. But has the muse- artist relationship ever inspired a shoe? In this case, yes—not one but twelve pairs, and they could just as easily decorate your mantle as they could don your feet. New York-based artist Sebastian Errazuriz turned to 12 failed relationships and immortalized them with ready-to-wear art.

One easily could see this project getting very dark very quickly, but Errazuriz didn’t take a malicious path. Cutely christened with nicknames such as “Cry Baby” and “Ice Queen,” the designs are well thought out, lighthearted, and witty. Each shoe was presented at Art Basel 2013 with a photo and a short snippet of dialogue between artist and muse—just enough to give us a glimpse into the doomed relationships.

Feedback from ex-lovers has been positive for the most part and even a bit surprising. “I received a few messages from exes who were disappointed because they were not part of the 12,” Errazuriz says, “but ultimately, I had to pick the 12 most inspiring stories. ‘Heart Breaker’ wrote me an E-mail to say she didn’t know if she should feel embarrassed or honored, but was finally very happy to have been included—although she threatened that if I ever revealed her real name, she would kill me.”

To lead the shoes to fruition, Sebastian worked with a team of designers who relied heavily on 3D- software and printing methods. The consequential creations are prototypes that are currently (and unfortunately) not for sale. Five of the shoes live on at the Kunsthal Rotterdam’s SHOES exhibition, and the rest shall, for the time being, continue to be admired from afar—much like a muse.

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