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“The strategic placement of lighting assists in the architectural definition of spaces,” says Suzanne Branch, president of LuM Lighting Design, which designed the lighting for the office.



“We chose lighting that properly illuminates each space according to its function, and also reinforces the materials and design concepts,” Branch says.


Designing an Uncommon Law Office

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

By Maggie Lange
Photos by Paul Bardagjy

Like any good relationship, the collaboration between a designer and a client can take time to blossom. When the architects at Lauckgroup designed Winstead Attorneys’ new Dallas office space, it was initially difficult for them to discern exactly what the clients wanted and how they worked. “We were scratching our heads because we couldn’t find that spark,” says Lauckgroup principal Brigitte Preston. But after observing how much the law firm’s employees worked together, Preston realized that the key to this collaboration was collaboration itself.

She focused on creating gathering spaces throughout the office, including a lobby, conference rooms, open and private offices, and public spaces. To encourage employees to stop and sit a while, Preston used traditional finishes like glass and stone that are tempered by quirky light fixtures. “Any space—from a meeting room to a coffee bar to an open office area—should look good at night if you were having a party. And lighting is one of the most important elements in any space,” she says. Preston describes this lighting system as a metaphor for the whole office aesthetic—especially the linear sconces in the reception area and client lounge.

“When you think of attorneys, they’re very established and serious, so [details like] the applied molding are a kind of gesture towards that stability and seriousness, but the high-tech, LED light fixture is playful and new. The juxtaposition is cool.”

Lauckgroup also took care to design the conference rooms as places that felt inspired. The conference room tables make an elegant statement: A white pearl painted glass tabletop with white and gold marble veined resin sits atop a custom bronze-edged base. These details help to affect the mood and tone of the office. “Meetings can take on a different character. The great lighting and beautiful finishes are conducive to gatherings and great meetings. We wanted to make these beautiful spaces they would enjoy using.”

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