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Early California Antiques Feeds Vintage Addiction

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Photos by Odessy Barbu

A true style pioneer, Eric Berg isn’t afraid to take the road less traveled. The California collector has quite literally scoured the state in search of pre-WWII (1910-1940) vintage treasures. And when his career as a music industry stylist stalled, he changed course and turned his sideline hobby into a full-time venture, opening an L.A. storefront called, fittingly enough, Early California Antiques.

Here Berg sells and sources one-of-a-kind home decor items and artwork for high-profile clients like actress Diane Keaton, Glee producer Ryan Murphy, and famed interior designer Cliff Fong. Berg even lists life and style maven Ralph Lauren as one of his most loyal clients. “Lauren is hooked on this particular kind of garden pot called a Bauer Indian bowl,” Berg says. “They’re hard to find as they are rare and very expensive.” So rare that Berg has driven halfway across the state on several occasions to track down certain pieces, but it has paid off. These bowls and many more items can be found in the more rustic Double RL stores and in major stores in Paris and as far away as Dubai.

Four years after Berg’s career switch, Early California Antiques has opened a new showroom down the street from where his labor of love began. “The timing was perfect,” he says. Now celebs and non-celebs alike can get lost in themed rooms ranging from Spanish Revival and rococo to pioneer, cowboys and Indians, and vintage lighting rooms.

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