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Can’t Get Out of Bed

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

By Justin Ray

Getting out of bed in the morning sometimes can be difficult. Nothing beats the relaxing touch of your comforter and pillows—especially if last night was a late one. What if you could take your bed with you wherever you went? That would be baller. Well, maybe you can. IKEA, eat your heart out.

Architecture program graduate Danica Pistekova has created a wearable cocoon of quilts and blankets that goes bed, bath and beyond all expectations. The pieces are composed of fabrics, cushions and duvets, all intricately sewn together. The hybrid pieces have an organic, undefined structure that appears differently depending on the angle at which you view it. Sewn as a Site is a fusion of fashion, architecture and leisure. “For me, dress is only another state of architecture,” the designer says.

The graduate of University of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava made the project as a part of her diploma thesis in a set of dresses/houses. Her project is meant to question the concept of boundaries, displaying the paradoxical behavior of being inside yet outside in a single moment. With the loosely undefined structure, boundaries change exposing fabrics previously unseen. It's a cerebral and sensual experience emphasizing that architecture and physical reality is subjective. Plus, it takes us one step closer to napping at the office.

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