Wristwatch Roundup - Design Bureau

WeWood, Date, $119; Crono, $139, www.we-wood.us

Industrial Facility, An Alarm, £269, www.retailfacility.co.uk

Bell & Ross, BR01 Radar, $5,500 and BR01-92 Ceramic Black, $5,200, www.bellross.com

Wristwatch Roundup

Friday, October 7th, 2011

photo by Zack Burris
styling by Martha Mulholland

Wooden Wrist Wear

If you’re the type that likes to give and also receive at the same time (hey, get your mind out of the gutter!), WeWood has got the goods. Through a partnership with nonprofit conservation organization American Forests, one tree is planted for every wooden watch purchased. They’re described as “splash-proof,” which means that they’re not ideal for deep-sea diving, but a little vigorous hand washing should be just fine.

Alarmingly Stylish Watches

With a square face reminiscent of a bedside clock, An Alarm performs a similar function: vibrating wake-up calls and reminders. Its easy-to-read design and subtlety in social situations means no more whipping out the phone at dinner—just glance at your wrist and politely excuse yourself like a gentleman.

Cool Ceramic Chronometers

Get your Chuck Yeager on with two new models from French watchmaker Bell and Ross. Beefy, aeronautical faces with industrial-strength straps will make people think you know your way around a cockpit. And refined details, like the use of ceramic, will have them begging to know how you look so damn fly.

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