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Year of the Flying Car?

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Of all the potential, futuristic means of transportation out there, flying cars have been well within reach for decades. It just seemed a matter of bringing the technology together, right? Well, it wasn't that easy evidently, but it was a matter of new technology. The Pal-V One, which made its maiden voyage on the poorly chosen date of April 1 (possibly hampering media coverage), makes use of gyrocopter technology conceived by Juan de la Cierva, as well as tilt driving technology. In short, the Dutch-designed Personal Air and Land Vehicle is a three-wheeler that drives like a motorcycle on the ground and a single rotor aircraft that flies like an airplane. It can land almost anywhere, flies below 4,000 feet, is easy to control, and according to the literature online, "can't stall" making it extra safe. It is designed to usable under current international laws. Will we start seeing these on the road in 2012? More like 2014. I don't know that they are taking orders quite yet—but they are looking for investors.

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