Kickstarter - Design Bureau
  • Architectural Flash Cards

    Architectural Flash Cards

    An interaction designer turns iconic modern buildings into whimsical, informative designs.

  • Wrap and Stack

    Wrap and Stack

    Gift Couture, a new wrapping-paper company currently up for funding on Kickstarter, aims to change the face of giving

  • Chicago Spotlight: Scott Wilson

    Chicago Spotlight: Scott Wilson

    Sometimes the best work is right under our noses. This month, we aim the local spotlight on Scott Wilson of multidisciplinary design firm MINIMAL.

  • Homeless Cop’s Epic Stoner Comedy

    Homeless Cop’s Epic Stoner Comedy

    Adult Swim illustrator Homeless Cop makes the move from 10-second bumps to a full-length TV show

  • Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Help fund artist Wayne Belger’s incredible new photographic project, Bloodworks: Africa, via Kickstarter

  • Instant Flowers

    Instant Flowers

    Help fund a new book of macro flower photography taken with a dental camera from the ’70s

  • TikTok & LunaTik

    TikTok & LunaTik

    An idea to transform the iPod Nano into a high-quality wristwatch found an eager (and generous) audience on Kickstarter