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  • Be Our Guest

    Be Our Guest

    Inspired by old European style and luxe living, YRA Design creates two visitor-friendly estates.

  • Rooms With A View

    Rooms With A View

    A natural land formation dictated the dramatic design of this Ontario home.

  • Rock The Houseboat

    Rock The Houseboat

    You’ve never seen a houseboat like this. Frederik Weissenborn, founding partner of Sanitov Studio, discusses “Inachus” [named after the Greek river god] the think tank’s prototype home for a new way of living on the river.

  • Problem-Solving In Paradise

    Problem-Solving In Paradise

    NYC based SPG Architects resolved challenges in this modernist beachfront home with innovative engineering and cutting-edge aesthetic.

  • Teensy Tiny Apartments

    Teensy Tiny Apartments

    New York City joins the “micro” living movement that is sweeping urban areas. But is it really the future we want to be building?

  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    A modern but modest residence is nothing like its neighbors, but a perfect fit all the same.

  • Architectural Chemistry

    Architectural Chemistry

    As scientists, these Oklahoma homeowners wanted something smart and functional for their abode.

  • Blank Slate

    Blank Slate

    Architect Sally Rigg got creative with an empty but dramatic penthouse space.