Peep Show - Design Bureau
  • Peep Show: Jen Farrell

    Peep Show: Jen Farrell

    This week, we peep the letterpress studio of Chicago-based artist Jen Farrell, who’s been hand-setting type since the late ’90s

  • Peep Show: April Francis

    Peep Show: April Francis

    Fashion and styling expert April Francis talks books, smutty pizza joints, and spending $20,000 on one shopping trip

  • Peep Show: Adam Weinberg

    Peep Show: Adam Weinberg

    NYC-based videographer/photographer Adam Weinberg shows us his gadgets and waxes nostalgic for a pair of ’90s computer games.

  • Peep Show: Leslie Perrine

    Peep Show: Leslie Perrine

    Discover which doodads this distinguished DIYer holds dearest

  • Peep Show: Alex Fuller

    Peep Show: Alex Fuller

    The Post Family’s Alex Fuller reveals his prized possessions and talks hot dogs and blankies

  • Peep Show: Homeless Cop

    Peep Show: Homeless Cop

    See what the man behind your favorite Adult Swim illustrations is hiding in his bag

  • Peep Show: Letterform

    Peep Show: Letterform

    See what your favorite designers are hiding in their bags in our newest weekly column