Portland - Design Bureau
  • The Westin Portland

    The Westin Portland

    The Westin gets a lobby befitting the Northwest cool cultural center

  • Parliament office-a-delic

    Parliament office-a-delic

    This Portland agency mixes vintage details and manly modern in a rad space for creatives.

  • Q&A: HiiH Gallery

    Q&A: HiiH Gallery

    Lâm Quảng from HiiH Gallery (pronounced “Hi Hi”) on handcrafted lamps and the relationship of light and paper

  • Lovely Lille

    Lovely Lille

    Boutique owner Sarah Wizemann brings her exacting taste and beautiful lingerie to the women of Portland, Oregon.

  • Q&A: Shwood Eyewear

    Q&A: Shwood Eyewear

    Shwood does its take on the classic Wayfarer style sunglasses by adding a wood-grain frame