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  • Elevated Eating

    Elevated Eating

    This German restaurant sits atop the country’s most-frequented mountain and has the design chops for the serene spot.

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Downtown Chicago’s Bottlefork restaurant blends urban sophistication with homey vibes

  • Two For One

    Two For One

    Tasked with turning one restaurant into two different concepts, Studio Collective opted for bold contrast.

  • Tucked Away

    Tucked Away

    Snug within the cellar arches of Kensington’s Ampersand Hotel, Apero Bar & Restaurant nods to local history

  • From HOJO to Hotspot

    From HOJO to Hotspot

        Reclaimed wood flooring, glassed-in fireplaces, warm leathers, and pops of color makes the J House hotel and eleven14 Kitchen restaurant feel cozy and comfortable.

  • Full Steam at Boulton & Watt

    Full Steam at Boulton & Watt

    Emporium Design looks to the machine age for a NYC eatery.

  • Looking for the Perfect Night Out

    Looking for the Perfect Night Out

    With the interior for La Sirena Clandestina, Brian Willette designed the kind of place he loves

  • Lexington Brass | Restaurant Spotlight

    Lexington Brass | Restaurant Spotlight

    New York’s take on classic French brasserie style

  • Italian Hotspot, Shanghai

    Italian Hotspot, Shanghai

    MATTO’s Napoletana pizza and handsome looks are going over big in China