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  • Dan Stafford’s Colorful Black Humor

    Dan Stafford’s Colorful Black Humor

    See how the 24-year-old illustrator/designer injects his colorful, disorienting works with macabre humor

  • Deadly Illustration

    Deadly Illustration

    Russian graphic designer Alexey Malina’s mysteriously minimal poster series, “Seven Sins”

  • Infographics in Context

    Infographics in Context

    These inspired infographics from Danish graphic designer Peter Orntoft cleverly merge statistics and photography

  • Dialogue: Fatimah Kabba

    Dialogue: Fatimah Kabba

    Recent SVA graduate Fatimah Kabba discusses her new board game and the importance of mixing play with design

  • Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

    Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

    The 22nd edition of an annual graphic design festival in France celebrates Olivetti’s legacy

  • Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    An unique wedding invitation in two parts from Spanish design studio La caja de tipos

  • The Wire Cards

    The Wire Cards

    Omar comin’! All of your favorite characters from “The Wire” on a set of minimal playing cards

  • Who Did it Better?

    Who Did it Better?

    Help us determine which popular men’s magazine will triumph in a battle of cover déjà vu

  • The Family Five: TNOP

    The Family Five: TNOP

    Better known in the design world under the handles TNOP and bePOS/+/VE, Teeranop Wangsillapakun is making his mark from Chicago to Bangkok

  • Bottling a Rising Star

    Bottling a Rising Star

    Spanish design firm Studio Espluga + Associates redesigns a rock ‘n’ roll beer for the hip nightclub crowd

  • Studio Tour: Face

    Studio Tour: Face

    A look inside the “supermodern” office space of Face Studio, a San Pedro, Mexico-based graphic-design firm

  • Bizarre Zarb

    Bizarre Zarb

    Champagne bottles with clever and couture packaging design

  • Sliced Pixel

    Sliced Pixel

    Dutch designer Victor van Gaasbeek uses graphic design and the power of the Internet to raise environmental awareness

  • Graphic Design vs. Architecture

    Graphic Design vs. Architecture

    Architect Jennifer Sage discusses the vital link between the two disciplines

  • The Family Five: Christoph Niemann

    The Family Five: Christoph Niemann

    The Post Family sits down with award-winning author and designer Christoph Niemann

  • Hershel Baltrotsky, Girl Skateboards

    Hershel Baltrotsky, Girl Skateboards

    The Post Family speaks with graphic designer and skateboard enthusiast Hershel Baltrotsky

  • Marian Bantjes’ Wonderland

    Marian Bantjes’ Wonderland

    The graphic designer opens up about how the wonder within design inspires her to create works that are more than just pretty

  • Penguin Design Award

    Penguin Design Award

    Art and design students are encouraged to enter a cover-design contest for two classic Penguin releases