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  • Spatially Challenged

    Spatially Challenged

    Five tips from architect George Berry of Plan Design Group on designing for unusual spaces

  • Experimental Interiors

    Experimental Interiors

    If you find yourself a bit left of center, here is a collection of unusual and out-there home decor items to suit your style.

  • Children’s Museum of the Arts

    Children’s Museum of the Arts

    Work Architecture Company designed a new, experiential space for the Children’s Museum of the Arts, set to open this fall

  • Snarkitecture


    A foam interior for Richard Chai in NYC that allows for endless customization

  • Creating Unique Experiences

    Creating Unique Experiences

    Escape into the world of ICRAVE, a design firm that can transform any space into an experiential getaway unlike any other

  • Unfolding Apartment

    Unfolding Apartment

    Normal Projects’ colorful storage solution for a New York studio apartment

  • Everything Olds is New Again

    Everything Olds is New Again

    How a former New York auto factory became one couple’s new loft

  • Studio Tour: Face

    Studio Tour: Face

    A look inside the “supermodern” office space of Face Studio, a San Pedro, Mexico-based graphic-design firm

  • Brand New Rules

    Brand New Rules

    Cindy Gallop lives her life unabashedly, whether in the spotlight or at home in her dark apartment

  • Real-Space Retail

    Real-Space Retail

    We consult with retail-design leader JGA to find out how the brick-and-mortar store will fare in the future

  • Bruce Bolander’s Colorful Kitchens

    Bruce Bolander’s Colorful Kitchens

    Designed as gathering places that mimic the appetite-inducing effects of fresh food, these modern kitchens pop with color

  • Electrolux ReSource Kitchen

    Electrolux ReSource Kitchen

    Presented by Electrolux, nine incredible kitchen concepts designed by graduate students at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy

  • Concrete Soft Bathtub

    Concrete Soft Bathtub

    This Italian-designed basin exudes oceanic elegance