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  • Bare-Knuckle Type

    Bare-Knuckle Type

    Watch two different versions of the same letter battle to the death each week on Type Fight

  • Camp Make Effect

    Camp Make Effect

    For three days in June, a group of creative professionals gathered in rural Michigan to escape the daily digital grind and get back to the basics.

  • The Family Five: Jonathan Hoefler

    The Family Five: Jonathan Hoefler

    One half of the design world’s preeminent typographic duo talks pirating, presidents, and Knockouts.

  • The Family Five: TNOP

    The Family Five: TNOP

    Better known in the design world under the handles TNOP and bePOS/+/VE, Teeranop Wangsillapakun is making his mark from Chicago to Bangkok

  • AVEC by Praline & RSHP

    AVEC by Praline & RSHP

    Watch the evolution of a new typeface, from its unusual origins as an architectural model to a full-fledged font in three weights