01. Neild Avenue | Restaurant Guide 2012

01. Neild Avenue | Restaurant Guide 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012

By Lawrence Karol

Photos by Brian Phillips Photography LLC

Great food and great design don’t always go hand in hand—but they should. From a small pizza joint in New York City to a massive art-infused former factory in Sydney, these amazing spaces will sate your appetite for both wonderfully-prepared dishes and creative interiors.

Sydney, Australia

Imagine going to a restaurant where your favorite dish is always on the menu, but the design is different every time you dine—now you understand the brilliance behind Neild Avenue. The forward thinking Sydney hot spot, designed by the Rome-based firm Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, is housed inside a former factory that has undergone a spatial makeover of epic proportions. “We essentially created a theater set with different degrees of intimacy that can change depending on the season or what’s going on during a particular night,” says architect Carl Pickering.

He and partner Claudio Lazzarini built what they call “mobile pods” out of unfinished wood frames and canvas to break up the space into separate areas. An alternating group of artists paint the walls of the pods, providing a vibrant, rotating backdrop for the diners. The ever-changing artwork complements the casual nature of the menu, which is broken down into categories such as grains, pulses, vegetables, and ancient soups. All this eclecticism, Pickering notes, “is probably why the restaurant seems to be a hit with everyone from the age of 8 to 80.”

FOOD: Mediterranean




   Design nirvana.

   Did someone say ‘wow’?

   Pretty damn cool.


   Calling for a redesign.

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