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2012’s Brightest Hospitality Designers

Friday, July 27th, 2012

NEWH, a non-profit organization, is the premier networking resource for the hospitality industry. Designers, students, and other industry professionals are connected and educated by NEWH's seminars, trade meetings, and scholarship opportunities. Part of the organization's mission is to encourage cooperation and disseminate information among the hospitality industry, which they accomplish through awards for excellence. 

This year, NEWH, the Hospitality Industry Network, named 51 firms that are setting the pace in elite hospitality design, which they dubbed the Top ID. “The leading firms are firms who have embraced change and reach to the future,” says Trisha Poole, principal of Design Poole and a member of NEWH. Since these firms know all about designing the best hotels, we had to ask:

What does “luxury” mean when it comes to hospitality design?

Architectural Concepts, Inc.
San Diego, CA /
AJC Interior Design
Architecture + Design Associates, Inc.
Fairfax, VA /
Algiere Design & Purchasing Services, Inc.
“Luxury is the simple elegance of private interiors.”
Richmond, VA /
New York, NY /
Dawson Design Asociates
Frederick, MD /
“Luxury is accommodation. Luxury is about options. We want whatever experience we desire, whenever we want it.”
Degen & Degen architecture + interior design
Seattle, WA /
Design At elier
San Rafael, CA /
Design Continuum
Design Group Carl Ross
El Segundo, CA /
Design One Studio
Design Poole, Inc.
Satellite Beach, FL /
Edge of Architecture (EOA)
Coral Gables, FL /
Flick Mars
Dallas, TX /
San Francisco, CA /
Friedmutter Group
Las Vegas, NV /
GA Design
London, UK /
Denver, CO /
Houston, TX /
Chicago, IL /
HL Reed Design and h2h, Inc.
Richmond, VA /
ID & Design International
Fort Lauderdale, FL /
II by IV Design Asociates
Toronto, ON, CAN /
Innovative Designed Environments Associates, Inc.
Portland, OR /
“Luxury is anything that makes you feel special. [It's] comfort, delight, opulence.”
Johnson David Interiors
Kay Lang Asociates
Los Angeles, CA /
Kling Stubbins
Philadelphia, PA /
KNA Design
Los Angeles, CA /
Matchline Design Group
“Luxury means refined comfort. Clients and guests alike want high-impact design while still being cost-conscious.”
Moncur Design
Toronto, ON, CAN /
L2 Studios, Inc.
Orlando, FL /
LuP Interiors, LLC
Orlando, FL /
Montgomery Roth Architecture & Interior Design
Houston, TX /
“Luxury is experiencing impeccable service and exceptional amenities that exceed personal expectations.”
Northfield, NJ
Washington, DC /
“Luxury will become more architectural and less additive and spaces will provide better function in a smaller footprint, all while remaining plush, warm, and comfortable.”
Pierre-Yves Rochon, Inc.
Chicago, IL /
Puccini Group
San Francisco, CA /
Richmond International
London, UK /
Rowland + Broughton Architecture & Urban Design
RTKL Asociates, Inc.
Miami, FL / 
Simeone Deary Design Group
Chicago, IL /
SM Design Asociates
Corona del Mar, CA /
Smart Asociates Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN /
Studio Rouge
Houston, TX /
TAL Studio
Las Vegas, NV /
Therese Virserius Design
Trevillion Interiors, Ltd.
Enfield, Middlesex, UK /
Wynn Design & Development
Las Vegas, NV /

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