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 Gift Curator: Lindsay Segal

Design Bureau 2013 Gift Guide - Lindsay

As a professional stylist, she’s worked with the likes of Wilco and Lady Gaga, but Lindsay Segal prefers working with everyday people—albeit ones with excellent taste—best. As the co-founder of upscale consignment boutique Luxury Garage Sale, Segal has the scoop on the perfect gifts for all your fashionable friends.

“I love finding standout items that not everyone is buying or wearing—it makes owning them that much more special. Anyone looking for something that makes a statement would appreciate the items on my list,” she says. 

Gift Curator: Chip Kidd

Design Bureau 2013 Gift Guide - Chip Kidd

Art director, writer, and designer Chip Kidd wrote the book on designing books, so we knew he’d pick the perfect gifts for print-obsessed graphic design geeks out there.

Make Good Art is pure inspiration for the budding artist in your life. Vintage Magazine is extraordinary for lovers of the craft of magazines—think Flair for today. Look Both Ways has brilliant insights on design, and the Arts & Architecture Collection has lots of cool stuff. Pantone products always get the color right. Membership to the Type Directors Club is great for the typographer in your life (you know who you are). And Chris Ware’s Building Stories is the greatest graphic novel of the 21st century. And counting.” 

Gift Curator: Chris Force
Design Bureau 2013 Gift Guide - Chris

“Nothing says ‘I really don’t give a shit about you’ better than a Starbucks gift card. Don’t be that person.” Wise words from publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Force. Since founding ALARM Magazine in 1995 and DB in 2010, he’s made a living out of knowing what’s cool. Who better to offer gift-giving tips? “The Foscarini LED Anisha looks gorgeous, on or off. Nothing else like it exists (yet). There’s something rugged and beautiful about the Runwell watch, built in Detroit by Shinola. It’s masculine, yet refined. Speaking of masculine, no man should ever be caught with a dead iPhone. Who else is going to call a cab after a long of night of drinking, texting, and Instagramming? Never lose juice with the Anker Astro 3E—small enough to slide into a jacket pocket and good for about five charges. Your friends will thank you.” 

Gift Curator: Bradford Shellhammer
Design Bureau 2013 Gift Guide - Fab

As one of the founders and the chief design officer at Fab, Bradford Shellhammer parlayed his natural panache for fun, colorful design into an e-commerce site with tens of millions of users. That means few tastemakers today have the kind of reach that Shellhammer has; his style touches everything from the company’s branding to the designed- in-house products it now manufactures. “These gifts are for the young at heart. For those who like to laugh, smile, not take life too seriously. They’re unexpected, colorful, bold. They’re feel-good gifts… and is that not the point of gift-giving—to make the recipient feel good?” 

Gift Curator: Revae Schneider

Design Bureau 2013 Gift Guide - Revae

She traded a career in fashion for the world of mixology, but Revae Schneider’s eye for all things elegant and stylish carried over perfectly to the craft cocktail world. Her company Femme du Coupe, named after the champagne glass that was styled in the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breast (oh là là!), delivers its clients couture cocktails, mixology classes, and bar concepts—so you can bet Revae delivers her friends some kickass gifts. 

2013 Design Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Photography by Zack Burris

Giving the perfect gift to discerning friends and family takes talent and serious style—something we know our guest gift curators have in spades. We asked them to put together the perfect gifts to delight like-minded personalities, and we couldn’t resist putting in picks from one of our own.

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