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25 Cool Shipping Container Structures

Friday, October 12th, 2012

 It's hard to pinpoint the birth of architecture's new love for shipping containers. We're going to say the last ten years have seen a steady stream of inventive reuse of the ubiquitous containers in projects in fields from education to hospitality and with aesthetics from chic to street tough. Here are 25 (plus) of our favorite container architecture projects of the past decade.

A Docks

Box Office (2009)

Casa El Tiemblo

Children's Activity Centre by Phooey (2007)

Container Studio (2010)

Container City 2 (2002)

Container Guest House (2012)

Containr temporary cinema (2010)


Dekalb Market

Dunraven (2009)

Freitag flagship (2006)

The Gang School (2007) 

Genussregal (2011)

Google campus


Les Grandes Tables by Jean Nouvel  (2011)

Los Sopranos (2012)

Lot-ek's Puma City (2008) 

Lot-ek's APAP Open School  (2010)

Oceanscope (2010)

Platoon's Kunsthalle (2009)

Reclamation Drive-Thru Starbucks

Snack Box (2011)


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